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new to this/CPTSD

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

august 8th, 2022

"I hope it's alright to say that, from what I've noticed, you're new to this."

Creating a train of things I can sit on from the bed to the bathroom, since my wheelchair

doesn't fit through the door.

Pushing a clothes drawer closer to the wall, so the knobs don't bang into my knuckles as I wheel past.

Taking a lampshade off of a light, so I can easily turn it off and on.

Setting my luggage on the bed across me, as opposed to using the too-tall hangers.

Dragging the toiletries to the edge of the counter, to reach them even from the ground.


"Yes, I am new to this."

I tell them stories of how I once ran marathons in my sleep, how I had complete autonomy, and controlled the direction of where everything went in my life. Now, I sit alone and wait for someone else to think it's possible to move the shelving. It never crosses my mind anymore, to do things I used to.

"Yes, I am new to this."

...thank you for everything, friends.


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