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released music

if you have a rare disease, this soundtrack is for you. watch the documentary, here

if you're witnessing your island slowly die due to natural disasters combined with political chaos and colonizing, this song is a song I wish I never had to make for you. video about the museum exhibition that inspired this song. 

if you suffer from chronic aliven't ideation, and recently decided to start acknowleding your birthday as a celebration of another year without following through with aliven't, this song is in celebration of you. 

if you came back into my life after ghosting me while i was transitioning, only to then flirt with me now like you used to when you thought you were talking to a woman [you were never talking to a woman], and then get grossed out by my transness and ghost me again after leading me on for a second time, this song is embarrasingly for you.

seriously. be embarrassed. you're gross. SHORT FILM

if you daydream about people so much that it sort of starts to fall apart on itself, this song is dotingly for you. 

if you'd rather aliven't but find it unethical to be another mass of body on this earth not used to make the world better, this song is frustratingly for you. 

if you are one of the shitty doctors who've medically malpracticed all over my disabled body, or one of the disabled people being neglected and abused by 'big pharma' and the medical-industrial complex, this one is for you. 

if you dissociate every time it rains and become a child, again finding the wooden chairs to set up facing the window so you can watch the water fall as your abusive father sits beside you, both wearing a thousand-yard-stare, this one is for you. 

if you're at your wits end with your best friend, this one is for you. 

if you are a transphobic estranged family member, or an angsty trans youth being rejected by such a fool, this one is for you. [translated lyrics]

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